What would be the best section ID for a force?


1)- Just started here today, hey guys! Arkanny here =)
I used to play all those years back in the DC, so i've made my character on the classic server.
Talking to the one other player there he let me know i can change my section ID 1 time, and i prolly need to because only hunter gear is dropping for me x.x

So wich section ID would be best for a male force focused on dps?

2)- Are the differences between classic and normal server too much? It seems to be where the majority of people play.

thanks for your time!
2) while i never joined devaloka classic ship, i can say you it offers a niche nostalgic experience based on the first pso release for pc (wich has more similarities with gamecube version than dreamcast one)

for what i've heard, devaloka has no economy market coz low player count (without some sort of discord arrange, u are going to playing solo 95% of time
keep in mind^^

"normal" server on ephinea offers a true pso multiplayer experience, and Ep4 content, wich adds a new episode (@sega) and new items (@sega)

this definitively leads to some gameplay change,
like fos can equip smartlink, a unit that removes ata penalty distance for no-ra classes and this along with new melee weapon options definitively improves the tools they can use.

also i recommend u to join ephinea discord server

So wich section ID would be best for a male force focused on dps?

male force (?) focused on dps (tech?) selfound (or not?) devaloka ship best id?
pinkal usually covers most of the fo arsenal, redria also is very good, u can check droptables on homepage

u can change ID only 1 time BEFORE hit lvl20

*Steps forward wearing a helmet, an Anti-Flame suit, and wields a still dirty Entrenching tool like a Battle axe....* Mew is gonna say the 'norm' would be PINKAL for Forces. Decent common Force item drops. Endgame drops like PGF, Heaven's Punisher, Psychowand (Ult Sinow Zele 1/299593 meh!) V801, V501, ......Buuuut No Red Ring. Stay SANE!
In my humble, casual, uneducated opinion no matter what ID you get there is going to be some level of regret in the late game, since no Secion ID is able to give you every single thing you'd want.
I'd say go with Pinkal, which was mentioned earlier. If you end up really wanting something that doesn't drop for your ID you can always trade for it or hop in other people's games.
The good Pinkal stuff is that you'll find rare wands that increase your technique damage, and if you're ready to grind you can find V801, a unit that makes you cast techniques faster.