Vol's Trade List


Not much in here at the moment.

Texture mods if you want one?

Most other stuff can be bought for 1PD or some meseta, as standard.

Weapons - Force / Technique:

Demon's Mace 0/20/0/0/35 hit

Geist Baton 0/0/0/35/40 hit

Striker of Chao 0/0/0/0

Storm Wand: Indra 20/0/40/0

Ice Staff: Dagon 0/0/0/0

Fire Scepter: Agni 15/0/0/0

Mace of Adaman 30/15/0/0

Gibarta lvl. 15

Barta lvl. 15

Anti lvl. 5 (x2)

Weapons - Ranged:

Varista 0/15/0/0

Demon's Raygun 0/0/0/0

Charge Railgun 25/0/0/0

Charge Gatling 0/0/0/0/20 hit

Spirit Gattling 0/25/25/0/30 hit (x2)

Inferno Bazooka 0/0/0/15

Diska of Liberator 0/0/0/0

Weapons - Melee:

Demon's Calibur 30/0/35/0/25 hit

Charge Berdys 0/0/0/40/30 hit (x8)

Charge Gungnir 0/0/30/0/25 hit

Double Saber 0/20/0/0

Musashi 0/0/20/0

Photon Claw 0/20/0/0

Double Saber 0/20/0/0

Armour - Frames:

Hyper Frame 4 Slots (lvl req. 27)

Shock Frame 4 Slots (lvl req. 35)

Armour - Units:

Ogre/Power (x4)




Master/Ability (x2)


Misc Items:

Monogrinder (x5)

Digrinder (x5)

Trigrinder (x2)

HP Material (x4)

Luck Material (x1)

Power Material (x5)

Mind Material (x2)

Evade Material (x12)

Def material (x20)

Amplifier of Barta

Recovery Barrier

Booma's Right Arm

Hildebear's Head

Scape Doll (x7)

Baby Mag (various colours including Cyan) (x11)

Photon Drop (x1)


Custom Texture Mod / Skin (may include non-gameplay affecting model swap - price negotiable)

Examples of work:


These were: Ramar+ (same design, redrawn with upped resolution), Rika, Azure Dragon, Fonewearls with no silly hats (Hunewearl hair swap), Dark / Ninja Momoka