Valentine's event started (バレンタインイベント開始)


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The Valentine's event was activated earlier today! This is a two week event where you gain additional RDR for playing in a party with more players. The daily forecast bonuses also apply to everyone in the party.

The St. Valentine's quest from Sega is now up on Fodra, Auldrant, and Lumireis. This quest can be found in Episode 1's Event category in One Person Mode only.

The Valentine's event will end on the 21st.

We hope you enjoy!

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本日より、バレンタインイベントが始まりました! これは2週間限定のミニイベントで、期間中はパーティー人数が多いほどRDR(レアドロップ率)にブーストがかかります。また、デイリーラックボーナスも、パーティー全員の分が合算で適用されます。
(※デイリーラックの確認はサーバーコマンド「/forecast」または Ephinea PSO Wiki のトップページから)

SEGA公式のバレンタインクエストも追加されています(US/Devaloka を除く)。エピソード1の一人用モード、イベントカテゴリから受注できます。


AWESOME! Perfect timing! Thanks for the info!

But what else changed for this event?
Probably the possibility to find Love Rappies in Episode 2 right?
Something else?

Thank youuu !
Man - that is awesome. Thanks so much <3

EDIT: It does not say anything about the love rappies though.
But I have found the answer myself in the wiki. The love rappies are standard rare rappy form in EP2.

"In Episode 1, a Rag Rappy has a 1/500 chance of spawning as an Al Rappy. In Episode 2, a Rag Rappy can spawn as a Love Rappy with the same probability."

Do they drop different things during Valentines Day?
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They don't, Love Rappies have nothing to do with Valentine's day.
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