Updated launcher coming (Warning for those with custom skins)


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There is an updated launcher coming. It is expected to arrive tomorrow or the day after.

The updated launcher will patch the game within the launcher and outside of PSOBB.

In the past, for those with custom skins, you were protected from losing the skin by the custom language option within the game. When the new launcher arrives, this will no longer be the case. You will have to select "CUSTOM" as your language setting within the launcher to keep your skins.

Since the launcher begins checking for patches as soon as you launch it, your skins may be overwritten with the defaults for the language you have set to the launcher now (Either English or Japanese). This is why I'm giving you warning to back up your HUD and other skins before the launcher launches. The easiest way to do that is to just make a copy of your "data" folder somewhere before launching the launcher for the first time.

After running the new launcher, you can change your language to custom, quit the launcher, overwrite the data folder with your backed up copy to be back in business.

If you're super smart and don't want to bother with backing up your folder, you can edit the registry key "LANG" under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SonicTeam\PSOBB\Ephinea and change the value to 255. (That's 255 in Decimal or FF in Hexadecimal.)

That's all for now!
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does the warning only apply to custom skins that typically get overwritten by a non-custom language setting, or any skin at all?