Upcoming server restart 8pm PST/UTC-7 8/19/2015

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Will be patching a couple of C-mode bugs at 8pm tonight. (Fixing item drops being too high rank in 2c4/Seabed Upper and a bug when client tries to grab a second S-rank when it shouldn't. As it is now, you won't get a second S-rank, but you do get robbed of your potential reward.)

In addition to that, I will also be normalizing all units. Any +, ++, -, or -- units you have in your inventory will become plain units. In addition to this, +, ++, - and -- units will never drop again until further notice.

We need to correct the calculation we use for whether a unit needs to be dropped with modifications or not before we re-enable their variations.

EDIT: Not adjusting any mag code after all.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
Not open for further replies.