Upcoming maintenance 8/22/2015 @ 17:00 UTC-8


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As explained in a forum topic here and on the patch server, maintenance will occur every Sunday morning 12:30am UTC-8.

The following is a list of changes that will be applied to the Fodra ship:

- Fix mag stat values not rounding down after depositing a mag into the bank and returning to lobby.
- Fix max grind check on all weapons. (Currently, the server is looking into the wrong part of the PMT weapon table for all weapons._
- Fix Episode 2 challenge mode experience calculation problem. (Currently, there is a loss of floating point precision problem in which, for example, you'll get 1830 exp from Mericaol instead of 1833.)
- Fix how armors and shields are generated in Normal/Challenge mode.
- Fix Episode 2's Central Control Area gates from becoming permanently unlocked per difficulty when unlocking them once.
- Add /matcount command for informing you of your material usage.
- Fix Tekker attribute problem. (Sometimes boosts attribute by 2 instead of 1.)
- Reduce rare monster appearance rate from 1/256 to 1/512. (This is already in effect as of 8/22/2015 8:15am UTC-8)
- Fix some problems with player and bank item desyncs and disconnections.
- Fix calculation of sell back prices for shop.

Please note that this list is subject to change at any time before maintenance occurs.

Thank you.


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Short notice, but I decided to change the regularly weekly scheduled maintenance time from Sunday morning 00:30 UTC-8 to Saturday evening 17:00 UTC-8.

I apologize, but I thought about it and I don't really want to stay up until past 1am every weekend to do maintenance on the server. :)


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Server up.

Decided to change future maintenance time again, this time for the last time.

Will be Saturday mornings at 07:00 UTC-8 from now on, don't want to disrupt prime time PSO playing in the future.