Upcoming downtime August 17th and August 21st UTC.

Discussion in 'News' started by Sodaboy, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Original post below:

    Our VPS provider has informed us that there will be work done to the power delivery systems in the data center on August 17th between 3am and 11am UTC.

    This work will also repeat on August 21st between 3am and 11am UTC.

    Each day, they only plan to work on half of the systems, but we don't know which day the Ephinea game server and website, which are two different servers, will be affected.

    Ephinea will definitely experience downtime when the game server comes down, and we plan to take the servers offline 30 minutes before the work at the data center happens, so please be prepared for it.

    Other time zones for downtime:

    Central: August 16th 21:30 to August 17th 06:00 and/or August 20th 21:30 to August 21st 06:00
    Pacific: August 16th 19:30 to August 17th 04:00 and/or August 20th 19:30 to August 21st 04:00
    Eastern: August 16th 22:30 to August 17th 07:00 and/or August 20th 22:30 to August 21st 07:00
    UTC: August 17th 02:30 to August 17th 11:00 and/or August 21st 02:30 to August 21st 11:00
    Japan: August 17th 11:30 to August 17th 20:00 and/or August 21st 11:30 to August 21st 20:00

    We apologize for the inconvenience but it is out of our hands!
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    Way to keep us in the loop Soda-Samaaaaaas~! TYTY! <3!
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