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Discussion in 'General' started by crazywest, May 17, 2019.

  1. crazywest

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    hey guys just getting back into the game, so i'm a bit confused the game runs absolutely fine on ep1 however i jumped into a RT earlier on and temple was fine but as soon as i hit spaceship and seaside the game goes all slow and choppy?

    bit strange considering i have a 4 gb grafics card and this game is essentially 19 years old never had these kind of issues in the past is there a way to tweak the setting maybe i have something on which is incorrect etc ?

    thanks for any help
  2. Vashzaron

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    Check clip distance in options, this server lets you edit it way beyond what was originally intended.

    And are you by any chance using ENB because some stuff in it like Reflection Bump mapping can really destroy performance in Seaside and Seabed.
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    As @Vashzaron mentioned try turning your clip distance down. Their are some areas which are always the laggiest (located in E2) Seaside/Seabed and sometimes parts of Mountains/CCA in general. Their is even 2 rooms which are by far worse than all of the game (Seabed: Square room with windows & Seaside PW1, ''last'' room where if the camera is unchanged is high in the sky, near the rocks.) And in these rooms, it's usually facing one way. The best thing to do is to test different settings and go to the areas you lag in until it's perfect for you.

    Whenever I want to test out different shaders, AA or any mods in those areas, these are the spots I check my FPS in and lower until these parts are smooth. Currently, on 3440x1440p, SSAA x4, no shaders, few mods and I have to have the draw distance on it's lowest settings, plus if I can't seem to dual client anymore because of the OP UW resolutions which I love so much. Draw Distance is great and all but it's sacrificable for the better graphics/look overall imo. These things add up a lot even on an old game so can still be taxing on a good system. My system is pretty dope, for me, the next step though is increasing my 970 GPU.
  4. Echelon

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    Also you can try to set your power management to "Prefer Maximum Performance" mode. It helped some people including me. Used to have slowdowns and now i get 30fps in seaside with shaders, mods and max draw distance.
  5. crazywest

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    putting the draw distance down fixed the issue instantly, thanks for all the help guys
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