Unplanned Server Downtime 5/8/2020


Staff member
There was some unexpected server downtime for the past, let's say, 12 hours or so...

The host the main login server VPS was on was having issues with multiple VMs.

I don't know if the host has been fixed or if they've migrated the login server to a new VM, but I did notice, when I woke up, everything was restarted.

I've put up the login server again and things are running now as they should be.

I'll inquire and update this post with more information as I have it, but the game is up now.

We apologize for any inconvenience this down time may have caused you.

Thanks for understanding.


I nearly died! I had to be rushed to emergency room! They were able to find a donor in time, and even though it was just an old, dusty, beat up dreamcast on a black and white tv like we all used to use, it did the trick and once again I didn't feel like walking into a freeway! Before I knew it I was safely back at home, laughing about my silly adventure beside the creek with all my booma and rappy friends until I drifted off into a deep sleep to the soft, buzzing white noise of mothmants in the next room.