Unable to Create Account,bad IP address


hello, i come from hong kong
when i try to signup a game account, it keep show up a message

[It appears you're using a Proxy / VPN / bad IP address, please contact the staff at the Ephinea forums if you believe otherwise.]

i haven't using any Proxy / VPN, so i think that is my ip issue
i tried change my ip and ask for another hk/jp friends to help me register a game account
but still not work,my friends got the same message(It appears you're using a Proxy / VPN / bad IP address)
seem like banned whole hk/jp ip address

so i try to contact the staff at forums, but omg i can not create forum account too
the issue is same with game acc creation
there is no way to contact staff

but lucky,
since you changed a new forums, i can register a forum account now

is ephinea pso only allow US/EU player to playing on?


Staff member
No, we have Japanese players playing as well.

If you are unable to register, it's because your IP address is banned on a 3rd party service we use that checks for bad IP addresses. You may not be on a proxy or VPN, but your IP address or range of IP addresses near you are known for bad activity.

This is the service we use: http://getipintel.net/

You can check your IP address using the website as well.

You can contact the guy who maintains the list at the bottom of the page to get your IP address removed. I've spoken to him multiple times and he usually gets back within 24 hours.