Two (minor) Quest Bugs


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These have been around for a while but I don't think anyone posted them...probably...I didn't check. Sorry.

Warrior's Pride:
NPC dialogue in response to your actions appears to use the wrong dialogue. For example, when you cast Resta on Ash and it heals him, he usually yells "Help me!"

Pioneer Spirit:
Rupika tends to spout literal jibberish.

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I noticed there was some corrupted data in one or both of those quests, actually, while testing them with my disassembler. I'll check it out.


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The Japanese version of "Help me!" they shout is "助ける!" which might or might not make more sense, my Japanese is not good enough to tell. I kind of thought it's just an colloquial or informal way of thanking you for helping them in the original language, and "Help me!" is just bad translation. Either that or the JP version is bugged as well.