Trojan:Win32/Rundas!plock in Installer



New user here, but old PSO player from DC era. I just installed Ephinea_PSOBB_Installer.exe on Windows 10 and immediately Windows Defender found the following virus:


Before you try to tell me its a false/positive, there is no reason it should be flagging it as a virus if its safe.


Well if you wont accept it's a false positive then I cant tell you anything, because that's just what it is. PSO being as old as it is is not important enough for these corporations to consider keeping unflagged, despite requests being sent in. I cant explain the technicals on why it gets flagged, but common sense dictates that if it were anything dangerous, we'd see more reports from people with actual provable problems being represented. This false positive isn't exclusive to ephinea, as scht had and has this issue, and Ultima as well.

These servers would have been taken down many years ago if it was a legitimate issue. I can tell you from years of playing on these servers, I've never had my card or other info stolen, I've never had any issues with my privacy being invaded, nor have I had any issues with any info of mine being taken and sold. Take it as you will, from your post you seem solidified in your mindset so i cant say anything.