Too Many Games

Powder Keg

Was just curious if anyone here is from the general area who might be going to or has gone to a Too Many Games convention before. It's near the Philadelphia area (slightly under an hour drive for me). I went last year and had pretty good time.

They hold some game tournaments, lots of people selling old games (I bought a Saturn System there) and have some popular youtubers and such. I mainly went for to meet TFS and Vinny from Vinesauce and met some cool people while I was there. Depending upon the rules I may join a Smash Tournament, but the rules are usually lame so probably no.

I'll be heading there with a friend Friday and Satruday, and maybe Sunday (not sure yet) would be nice to see others!


The Empress
I have never heard of this convention up until now, did you know that? :p

But yeah besides that, overall I've never been to any convention at all but I hear they're all amazing and fun to go to... especially with friends doing geeky fun things together. I wish one day to go to one but I ask thee of one favor... when you get back from the convention, may you post pictures and share your story here? Would love to hear all about it from your perspective.