The "smh tbh, Ffam" Shop (Upd. 21st Oct.)


PM me your bids in PDs or HP materials.

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Yunchang 0h 10/0/30/0
Yunchang 0h 20/0/0/0
Kamui 0h 25/0/0/10
Red Scorpio 45h 0/25/0/35

Arrest Laser 50h
Berserk Laser 50h 0/0/50/50
Spirit Laser 50h 50/50/0/0
Charge Gungnir 45h 30/0/0/0
Charge Arms 40h 35/0/0/0
Spirit Arms 40h 0/0/0/35
Demon's Diska 50h 40/0/0/0

Armor & Units

Stink Frame 1slot
Secure Feet
Stink Shield

Heavenly/Power x2

Amplifiers, Barriers & Merges

Resta Merge
Amplifier of Resta
Amplifier of Yellow
Amplifier of Foie
Amplifier of Barta

Assist Barrier

Technique Disks

Lv.30 Jellen
Lv.30 Resta
Lv.29 Foie
Lv.29 Barta

Lv.15 Shifta
Lv.15 Resta
Lv.15 Jellen
Lv.15 Zalure
Lv.20 Resta
Lv.20 Rafoie
Lv.20 Razonde
Lv.15 Gizonde
Lv.6 Anti


TP Material x1


Power Sato 5/150/45/0 Twins, Pilla, Dolphin
- White x1
- Forest Green x1

4th evolution rare POW mag Lv.100 (Sato, Rati, etc.)
- White x1
- Grey x1

Bargain bin - 1PD Shop

Diska of Braveman
Double Saber
Mace of Adaman
Dragon Slayer
Final Impact 20h 0/25/0/0
Silence Claw 35h 0/0/0/40
Angry Fist 35h 30/0/0/0
Custom Ray 30h 25/0/0/0
Brionac 30h 0/0/0/0
Kaladbolg 20h 15/0/20/0

Demon's Laser 30h
Hell Laser 30h
Arrest Laser 30h
Charge Gatling 40h 35/0/0/0
Berserk Laser 30h 50/0/0/50
King's Vulcan 40h 0/0/0/0
Chaos Raygun 30h 0/0/0/0
King's Arms 45h 45/0/20/0
Hell Calibur 40h 0/0/40/0
Berserk Gungnir 40h 0/0/0/0