The PD Store


I accept PDs. I also accept Gold Badges

50h Charge Gigush x8 1PD each
50h Charge Berdys x7 1PD each
50h Charge Sawcer x13 1PD each
30h Demons Laser 1PD

Rare Weapons:
Dragon Slayer 35h 1PD
Diska of Bravemen 15/0/0/0/30 3PD
Diska of Bravemen 45/0/0/0/20 1PD
Diska of Bravemen 15/35/0/0/20 1PD
Chain Sawd +15 0/0/0/25 1PD
Chain Sawd 45/35/35/0 1PD
Red Sword 40/30/30/0 2PD
Red Sword 0/30/40/30 2PD
Red Sword 0/5/15/0 2PD
Glide Divine 2PD
Sange 0/25/0/25 3PD
Sange 0/25/55/0 3PD
Guilty Light 0/25/0/0/40 1PD
Demolition Comet 0/0/20/10 1PD
Slicer of Fanatic 0/0/0/20 3PD
Rage De Feu 20/0/0/0/20 3PD
Clio x2 2PD each

Rare Armor:
Ignition Cloak x3 4PD each

Rare Unit:
God/Battle x2 1PD each
Cure/Paralysis x4 2PD each
Heavenly/Luck 1PD each

S-beat Arms 1PD
Red Amp x3 1PD each
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