The new Tools forum


Staff member
This particular forum allows everyone to create topics. However, members in the Tool Developers group can also:

1. Attach files, the normal extension types but also including PSO extension types (bin, dat, gsl, prc, prs, qst), up to 10MB.
2. Can lock their own topics.
3. Can post stickies. (Useful for when they make a major update to their tool's topic and want to make it more visible to people.)
4. Can make polls.

It would be polite if, after a certain amount of time, say a week or two, that as a tool developer you unsticky your topic if there is no recent development on it, that way other developers' tools can shine too.

If the sticky privilege is abused, it will be removed from the group.

It should also go without saying that, as a developer, if you upload a tool which includes a virus, trojan, or anything that compromises the computers of those who run it, your developer status will be removed and you will be banned from the entire website.

If you're a developer who wants to be a part of the Tool Developers group, just let either tofuman or myself know.

If there are other file types we should add to the list of types that developers should be able to attach then, again, please let tofuman or myself know.