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I believe Zack worked out that SN with 40-45+ hit is better than Arrest Needle for casts. So I would say Ade is right, especially once you consider manual evasion.

It was a while ago, so don't think I'll be able (or want) to find it. Plus I'm a scrub

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I can help with a Zack reference:

You don't see many enemies with more than 50 ESP, but many areas have enemies with well over 35 ESP that you want to paralyze. In order to achieve 100% activation rate, you need V501/2 and the android bonus in ultimate against enemies with 30 or less ESP with a Spread Needle. For Arrest, you need enough ATA to hit (which you get plenty of on the third attack of a combo, which already has almost universally has 100% hit rate, and against frozen groups of enemies on the second or third attack with RAcast/RAcaseal freeze traps you are guaranteed to hit). Spread Needle with ~50% Hit can also achieve this without the freeze trap, and that is the advantage of it. However, against anything with more than 30 ESP, the Arrest Needle is better.

Long Story short: Against weak enemies, Spread Needle is better (less than 30 ESP) on androids. Against all enemies, Arrest Needle is better on fleshies. Against strong enemies, Arrest Needle is better (more than 30 ESP) on androids.

Most groups of enemies involve at least one type of enemy with over 30 ESP (usually around 35-45 ESP) and you cannot achieve 100% activation against them with a Spread Needle although the ATA on it will connect every time due to its Hit%. The Arrest Needle, on the other hand, achieves 100% activation on damn near every enemy in Episode I and its accuracy "problem" is *more* than augmented by the Freeze Trap's massive EVP reduction. The S-Rank Needle is better because it can make up for its weakness with something as simple as laying a freeze trap.

Spread Needle, on the other hand, can't even achieve 100% activation against the wolves in Forest 1. (64 + 30 - 35) x 1.5 = 88% paralysis chance against wolf

While an Arrest Needle has enough activation to handle anything up to and including the later stuff in Desert. Its activation rate is 100% on EVERY DAMN ENEMY EXCEPT THE MERISSAS. 100% means it does not fail to activate. No enemy (except Del Rappy) has enough EVP to dodge an s-rank needle attack while frozen. They will get paralyzed.

With an S-Rank Arrest Needle, you get:
(80 + 30 - 21) x 1.5 = 100% paralysis chance on Goran
(80 + 30 - 32) x 1.5 = 100% paralysis chance on Pyro Goran
(80 + 30 - 36) x 1.5 = 100% paralysis chance on Goran Detonator
(80 + 30 - 41) x 1.5 = 100% paralysis chance on Girtablulu
(80 + 30 - 45) x 1.5 = 100% paralysis chance on Sand Rappy
(80 + 30 - 58) x 1.5 = 78% paralysis chance against Merissa A, hardest thing to paralyze in EpIV

compared to Spread Needle's ****:
(64 + 30 - 21) x 1.5 = 100% paralysis chance on Goran (don't get used to it)
(64 + 30 - 32) x 1.5 = 93% paralysis chance on Pyro Goran
(64 + 30 - 36) x 1.5 = 87% paralysis chance on Goran Detonator
(64 + 30 - 41) x 1.5 = 79% paralysis chance on Girtablulu
(64 + 30 - 45) x 1.5 = 73% paralysis chance on Sand Rappy (...)
(64 + 30 - 58) x 1.5 = 54% paralysis chance on Merissa A

Conclusion: Spread Needle sucks.


I have a question regarding "endgame" content, but didn't wanted to create a New topic for it, and this one was the closest to my question.

I've hit level 130 with m'y RAmar this week, and I'm now cruising on the first Ultimate zones in episode 1&2.

For now, I still have trouble especially on enemies that casts high level of techniques such as dark sorcerers in ruins, or "death" megid techniques.
My question is then very simple: as I use recommended material plan for stat maxing, and as I already have a V101, should I use resist unit (perfect or heavenly) in order to improve my survivability?

For now, my current Gear is :
- Lieutenant Mantle
- V101
- Cure freeze (I tend to use a lot the frozen shooter)
- heavenly body X2
- Ranger Wall

According to character planning links I've been given, I'm 40ish DEF points away from cap, I was thinking to remove one heavenly body for a god hp or a god power, but I will probably have to add resists as well.

Do you use yourself resist units on your levelling setup?

Thanks a lot for your feedback !


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A lot of the mobs that can cast Megid you, you will never have enough EDK to become immune to it, so even a Dress Plate (which a lot consider the endgame armor for RAmar, for better or worse) cant help you there.

Anyways, at your level, i wouldnt worry about buying/using a min/max Mag just yet, just prioritize maxing your ATA (a lot of ppl use a 150 POW/45 DEX as they level...but you will then require some h/arms or g/arms to compensate for the lack of DEX) then go for as much ATP.

As far as your gear goes, it seems you are on a limited budget, the best thing you could do atm is:

In group play w/ casts, ditch the Lieutenant Mantle...and just use any other 4 slot armor until you have the funds for a Dress Plate or a Stealth Suit, but for solo play, stick with the mantle. Your units should be v101 (which you already have, which is great as this is unreplacable) v501 (until you have the funds to upgrade to a v502) and some h/arms or g/arms if you cant afford h/arms...hopefully this, coupled with a 150/45 Mag should allow to max/almost max your class ATA. If you are adamant on using H/body, you should use just H/HP many here will probably explain in greater detail HP > DEF. Using a cure/freeze unit is great when doing content that freezes you constantly, so if you can find a way to get a build going at your level that will allow you to cap your ATA at the same time you equip it...but at your current level, that is a tough task. Resists units are useful only in certain scenarios, no need to have them equipped 100% of the time imo.

What i said is a very general outline of what you should do, but at the end of the day, you should just focus on having/being as close to your class ATA cap as possible then trying to get as much ATP all the while.
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I can't vouch for the exacts but I remember seeing somewhere that it took around 5 DFP = 1 HP reduction in damage. You do get scaling with Deband and against a Jellen'd enemy but HP is a far more efficient way to achieve bulk. At Lv 130 with all HP mats used though, you should be sitting at 1138 HP which should be a reasonably comfortable place. I definitely stand by spflash's point: prioritize ATA cap. Ensuring you can kill your target (or CC it successfully) will aid in your survival far more than a little more bulk.


Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get the answer notification...
Many thanks for your feedback, I'll remove the remaining heavenly body for god arms and god power as soon as I get to the ATA cap. As I use less and less the frozen shooter, so the cure freeze will remain in my inventory for specific fights and change it for a god hp.
I'll start farming V501 as soon as xp bonuses ends (I'll prioritize levelling during the Xmas event). I've started using a 40H hell Laser and I'm quite fond of it ;)
Many thanks for your feedback again !


When life is good, DON'T ask why...
Well after the Raygun auction you wont be poor so lol, a lot of what i said regarding your budget is now obsolete, since you will be able to afford the majority of the endgame gear needed going forward. So...yeah, have fun being to gear yourself to your liking ^^