The Hunewearl and her Party Role:

I am resuming this series of short character guides today. I apologize for the duration between them. Today we are looking at the Hunewearl. She is probably the second favorite hunter behind the hucast. She has good support abilities making her one of the easier classes to solo with in the game. Let's break her down.

Looking at the Hunewearl:

As a Newman, the hunewearl has the ability to recover TP by simply standing still. The rate increases with your level. However, to compensate for this ability, she only gets to use 150 mats besides hp and tp mats. Excluding Grantz and Megid, the hunewearl gets level 20 of all the available techniques in the game along with anti 7. She also cannot use reverser. This paired with a high mental strength gives her some attacking flexibility on the lower difficulties. She also has level 20 on both sides of the support block making her a good support character for a party without a force. She is like a melee force who sacrifices some of their techs bite in exchange for a higher amount of ATP and access to the hunter weapons. The huney has access to all the top tier damage hunter weapons, but lacks the range abilities often associated with the ranger class.

The Stats:

The hunewearl has the lowest HP in the hunter class. She also has the lowest ATP, in fact she is behind the two male rangers. However, if you consider she is the only hunter with shifta, this balances itself out if you are soloing. On the defensive side she comes in second to the hucast in def, and 2nd to the hucasual in evasion. However, these are a moot point. She has the third worst ata in the hunters, but she is only one point behind the humar. The Hunewearl gets the highest mental strength of any non-force character in the game. This is by quite some margin and her cardinal attribute.

The huney does have a very blatant weakness in the stat department. The gaps in her stats are wider than some of the other class. For example it takes 51 ata to max her out at level 200. This is half your mag or 1/4 your mag and an armor slot. With only 150 materia it's even worse. It's possible to max her out, but it uses all your armor slots and takes some careful planning. It's generally better to settle for a suboptimal build focusing on ATP, ATA and Luck as your focus stats. The DEF only need a few points to max out and her mental strength is sufficient for the role it needs to play without being buffed by mates. This frees up your slots for more useful units and makes her easier to play.

Damage Dealing:

While the Hunewearl has the lowest base ATP in the hunter class, it is by no means bad. Paired with the high damage from the hunter's weapon class and her support techs she can deal damage out with the best of them. Like the other hunters, the hunewearl favors dealing concentrated damage to a single target with a baton, mechguns, daggers or twin swords. Alternatively, she can target a tightly clustered smaller group of opponents with a sword or slicer. She doesn't have the multitarget abilities that the rangers do. However, she can dish it out quickly and effectively. Generally, you want to start at the top of the food chain and work your way down. Unless you have stronger hunters in the party.

While the Huney has the best MST of any non-force, her attack techniques cannot match the damage output of her weapons. They can be useful against specific targets and bosses, but these are situational. Gifoie can stop a charge and spamming rabarta can freeze a group. But overall you want to stick with your weapons. Her mental strength is best put to supporting the team. If you have a force in your party, the huney is best used to fill a pure damage dealing role as the force will likely out class her in the support field.


This is one area where the Huney hit's bottom. She doesn't have the special attack boosts that the casts do and she is particularly lacking in the ATA department. There are several weapons she can equip to pick things off one at a time. However, this roles is better left to the rangers and casts in the party. One weapon to consider in this role is the holy ray. It has a rifle range and adds 70 ata making it a very effective long range paralyzer. The rainbow baton and a 50% hit raygun with a status effect can also serve to target foes one at a time. But otherwise, your time is better spent either dealing damage or supporting the party.

Support and Recovery:

The hunewearl is very well suited to the support role in a party. She has level 20 shifta, deband, jellen and zalure. This means if you don't have a force in your party, you are the support player. Her buffs trump anything that isn't a force, in duration, power and range. If you are the support player, keep shifta and deband running as consistently as you can. Use Jellen and zalure as the situation dictates. It's best to alternate between casting and attacking as needed. Debuff a group of foes and then lay into them with your weapons. While you are reliant on your buffs to compete with the other hunters, your buffs on the rest of the party will amp up everyone's performance.

Likewise you have level 20 resta and probably the highest MST in the party if you don't have a force. When the action permits a break stop and fill your teammate’s hp lines. Unless they are zerking or using a weapon reliant on low hp like dark flow that is. Likewise your anti will fix anything and keep the party moving. Even if you have a force with you, healing becomes easier if multiple team members share the load. It's not always possible to keep the whole party in the force's resta circle. So help out when and where you can.


At the end of the day, the Hunewearl really comes down to her support abilities. If you don't want to support the party you would be better off with another hunter. The other hunters all have more ATP and HP. Still, the hunewearl's level 20 support block shouldn't be overlooked. It makes her by far the easiest hunter to solo with. If you don't have a force she is a very welcome addition to any party. Even if you do, her damage is still comparable to the other hunters and she is nice to have if the force goes down or cannot perform the support job. She is a very formidable spell sword and definitely worth considering.
I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or serious.

I am sure most players who have played PSO for any length of time know most of the stuff I am posting here. However, a week ago, I ran into a few players who didn't while I was bringing my humar up through the lower levels. I spent about 20 minutes talking to them in chat in game. Since our forums have a basics guide section, I thought I would post these here rather than explain them multiple times in game. For example, when I first reached ultimate, I ran into a huney who learned to cast shifta and deband. She learned to cast them on herself, but didn't know how to react when the hucast and myself made the request.

Most of this is common sense unless you are just a lazy player. But there are a few players out there new to the game who don't understand the basic mechanics and I want to be comprehensive for them.


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WAIT LOL I was being serious! I can see how that might have come off as sarcastic.
I haven't played much PSO in the past and a lot of this is really helpful.