The Hucast and his Party Role:

As I stated in my team role guide, I am going to do one topic to cover each of the classes. I think I will start with the HuCast. He is one of the more popular hunter classes do to his very high atp. If you want sheer brute force he fit's the build. However, the Hucast is a character of varying extremes making him less flexible than the other hunters.

Looking at the Hucast:

As a robot, the hucast doesn't get any techniques. This means he has to rely on mates, hp stealing weapons or other players in order to recover HP. However, he does get traps, and he has the best progression of both freeze and confuse traps by some margin. He gets one new one at every 7 levels. He does have the slowest damage trap progression, but this isn't a major deal as they are less useful. As a hunter he has access to the highest apt weapons in the game. However, he lacks the ranged abilities that belong to the rangers. This is a trait shared by all of the hunters. The Hucast can use 150 mats and 125 hp mats.


The hucast is very strong in the ATP department. In fact he is ahead of all classes by a very healthy margin of more than 200 points. He also has the highest hp of all the hunters by 300 points. He also gets the highest DFP, but has the lowest EVP of the hunters, but these stats are less meaningful. The cardinal weakness of the hucast is he has the lowest ATA of all non-force characters. His ATA is still sufficient for the roles he fills, but it makes hit a more required attribute on weapons, and limits his ability somewhat in the control department. He is a robot so he has no MST or techniques to speak of.

Damage Dealing:

This is the one thing the hucast does particularly well. His high, hp and defense means he is at the home in the thick of hit. Generally, speaking the hucast uses weapons that deal concentrated damage on one or a small group of enemies. Normally daggers, mechguns, batons or twin swords allow him to pummel stronger foes and make quick work of them. He can use a sword or slicer to attack a group. However, they first need to be corralled into a concentrated area or grouped up using a trap to allow him to target them. This is a weakness shared by all hunters. They have the highest ATP weapons and highest base ATP. However, their weapons are more concentrated in the number of things they can target.

Generally, when you enter a battle as a hucast, you should get a group of grunts to chase you into a tight cluster so you can bring a sword to bear. Alternatively, if you have ranges or weaker hunters in your party, you should drop and trap and let them deal with the grunts. The hucast is generally, best utilized starting with the most threatening enemy and working his way down the food chain to the grunts. Your absurd ATP can make short work of anything especially, if you have someone supporting you with shifta and zalure. Try to insulate the weaker members of your team and stay in range of the party's healer should you need hp. Mates are a good emergency fill up, but your supply is limited.


The Hucast doesn't work overly well as a controller. As a robot he gets a 30% bonus to freeze, confuse and paralyze special attacks on weapons. However he suffers a penalty to devil and demons. With the lower ATA of the hucast, you need a weapon with an unreduced special and a good amount of hit to bring a control ability to bear. There are a few of them like the red sword or rainbow baton. However, for the most part you will have to rely on a 50% hit raygun and target enemies one at a time to disable them. This is more than likely better done by another member of your team while you hammer away at the disabled target.

As a hucast you have the most freeze and confuse traps of any cast in the game. This was done by Sega to balance his lower ata than the other casts. Make frequent use of your traps especially against larger groups of enemies. They are a vital resource and serve as your best means to control a situation.

Support and Recovery:

A hucast has no techniques or MST so he is not suited to this role at all. Star atomizers can serve as an emergency heal for a team. But they are hard to find and expensive. Some sred blades can supply level 3 shifa and deband if you have them. This is useful if you are soloing or nobody else has anything better. However, they are not practice for supporting a party. Likewise you could build a srank handgun, slicer or jcutter with jellen or zalure. However, these are not practical for targeting the majority of enemies. They can be useful for stronger foes and bosses if your party lacks another means. Overall, you are better off leaving support to the non-casts in your party.

The hucast is your front line warrior plain and simple. He deals the most damage per hit and can take quite a beating before going down. If something needs to die fast it should be your priority. Don't forget your traps either, they can help keep your team alive and get you out of a tight scrape.


you forgot to say that hucast is the best class in the game bro xd
also on a more serious note HU can use jcutters/slicers for arrest along with SNS glitch so ata is no longer a problem.
and you can use SNS glitch on any ranged weapon in the game btw