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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by S730EXAM, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. S730EXAM

    S730EXAM Member

    whats up all, just moved here from ultima for a new experience.
    any help or tips as to how things work here (currency, custom mags, adding % etc.)
    i would gladly appreciate it

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  2. brionac

    brionac Alolan Fox

    Welcome to Ephinea!

    Check out my newbie guide in my signature below sometime, and have fun.
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  3. S730EXAM

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    thx but not a skr00b, like i said i played on ultima and had basically everything,
    i wanna know how certain things work here.
    for example are the dark weapons combo locked, are there rare mobs events and is there a pay to win option (not that i would) basically what makes this server different from ultima
    also why are other peoples name different colors.
    unique info like that would be appreciated
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  4. brionac

    brionac Alolan Fox

    That's fine, I'm sure what you want to know is somewhere in the guides sub-forum too. I understand that you want to get going and not take a whole day reading the forum, so I'll repeat myself since most of this information is already posted somewhere in my newbie guide for the sake of time. I don't bring up other servers since my guides are tailored towards players that aren't interested in other servers, so that's an obvious gap that I won't fill, although I did bring up a post about PSO2 players wanting to try the PSOBB experience on this server somewhere in there.

    Most weapons that are combo unlocked on Ultima are combo locked on this server because this server attempts to maintain a sense of the vanilla feel as much as is possible, and this includes the dark weapons, which I like to call the derp weapons. :lenny: For more information that makes Ephinea different than other servers, go check out the about ephinea page here.

    As for donations and payments to gain any advantage, we do not have such options here, and the moderators are not even allowed to create items for players under any circumstances. The closest way to do nothing in the actual game and be rich is to run challenge mode and charge the lot of us lazy players that rather not play challenge mode a bunch of PD's per ES weapon. It is what it is since it takes less time to waste getting the ES weapons after getting used to challenge mode than it is to actually pick up the amount of PD's randomly falling in your favor.

    Colorful names can be explained more easily if you look at my contact information post in my signature, but I'll repeat some of this information while bringing up the staff's colorful names. Cyan names are moderators, red names are administrators, green names are typically global moderators, but somebody please correct me on that one. We have a daily luck forecast that tints the names of normal mode (white named) players into three yellow to gold colors, not to be confused with the dark brown or olive sandbox mode players. Pinkish, or coral-colored names are for hardcore mode players.

    Again, I refer you to my newbie guide in my signature for a large assortment of links that will introduce you to different aspects of the server, including a few refreshing posts that you may have not noticed before. Remember, have fun. I don't assume people are skr00bs, but I do assume that newbies and old players from other places can get a clue without judgment.

    PS: I noticed that I missed this link, but I got it now. Thanks :)
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  5. Harborer of Hope

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    Tropical! <3
    EEEeeeeee! We have a Special 'Word' for you Ultima players we get here,............."RESCUES! <3!". Welcome Home~!

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