the funposter formerly known as LKA


greyhound bus
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tbqh i have no idea how i got away without getting a single warning back on scht but that's irrelevant because i'm back to funpost some more. who knows i may even play the game for like fifteen minutes during pso2 maint!

if you don't know me, then all you need to know about me is that i like fomarls and i hate capitalization. proper capitalization available on request, but for now all you get is punctuation.


my warnless ban is free if you want it




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is your name relevant? do you actually like agastya mags? i'm thinking of starting a conglomeration of people who think sato is overrated and overused :D :D


greyhound bus
Event Team
agastya was my favorite mag and i always disliked sato, but satos are easy to create and feed so i understand their popularity

either way i used this as a throwaway name for one community then realized i enjoyed it far more as a name than "LKA" so it stuck