Texture/model numbers request


Toxicest player
If you have a list of texture numbers and their corresponding items could you post it here please? :D
ie: I know in ItemTextureEp4.afs #16 is Soul Eater, and #44 is Red Saber. A complete or largely filled in list would be appreciated, as well as lists for other files as well if they exist (like model files).


Grab lee's itempmt editor and open ItemPMT.prs included in Teth login server.
Depending on the editor version you downloaded, you might need need to decompress the prs file into .bin with another tool (I haven't released my version of the editor but it opens both).
Then look into the weapons, the "Type" will be the model and "Texture" well, texture.

There is something weird with shields (iirc no frame has textures)
The skins of shields start at 378, however the ItemPMT will show it starting at 0.
So a shield with texture of 0, will use the texture #378 in ItemTextureEp4
I'll address that in my editor.