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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Elodin, May 6, 2020.

  1. Elodin

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    I remember playing PSO on the GC when I was a kid (though I never got too far past Forest 2).

    I do have a few questions before getting started though.

    - Are the servers often full? I tried logging on a few minutes ago and got a "servers are full" message.
    - What's the best type of controller to use?
    - Any suggestions for the first class I should pick?
    - Would it be possible to play this server using a Dreamcast? I've been interested in buying a Dreamcast lately, it'd be cool to find a way to play online with it.

    Thanks a lot for any help, I'm looking forward to trying this game out again.
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  2. Bonesy

    Bonesy it me

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    1) servers are full means you need to put an exception for the ephinea folder in your anti-virus
    2) personal preference, i use kbam so don't ask me
    3) personal preference, do you like to shooty pew pew, hit things with a sword, or throw fireballs etc
    4) nope, it's a pc game
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  3. brionac

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    You sound like me when a brother's friend of his introduced me and my brother to this game since Gamecube, and we definitely learned the duping trick since it wasn't the plus version. Good Times!

    Anyways, your ephinea.dll file keeps being deleted because Windows Defender keeps seeing it as a problem file. Use this link to get it fixed by excluding the entire folder that contains this file. I wish it came with that done for you already, but here's someone's attempt to do that too. It just doesn't have it built-in to create the exclusion for new users yet.

    I hear that most people like to use an xbox one controller more often than a playstation 4 controller too. If you happen to have a PS3 controller, I have left some information on how I use it myself in here. If you want to know more about setting up your client, I do have a quick client setup guide that consolidates most programs and tools that are available to players for this server.

    As for picking a first class, I will link you to a recent reply since I already wrote this up earlier for someone else less than a week ago, but this is for people that like to play solo. For multiplayer mode fun, I recommend either a cast/android or a force. As for which cast and force to play, I'll leave that up to you for the sake of keeping this post short by showing you that there is a guides sub-forum to look into what class may be of interest to you in the near future. Other than that, feel free to click my beginner's guide to the server for decent directory of links to some notable information for beginners that want to refresh their memories or learn something new about the game while getting used to Ephinea's unique features too.

    Unfortunately, this is Blue Burst, so you cannot play it on a Dreamcast, and I doubt that you can use a Dreamcast controller either. Maybe that is possible, but I don't know about that. Also, this game has all of its contents saved in the server, so we cannot play this game offline like we used to back in the Dreamcast and Gamecube (Xbox?) days. But if you insist on playing with a Dreamcast, I do have a specific server in mind that @Aleron Ives is involved with in some way, so it's call Sylverant.
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  4. Harborer of Hope

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    EEEeeeeeee! *POUNCES and starts looking you over Elodin-san carefully while wearing a tiny PINK HAZMAT suit!....* Hey! What are the current policies for social distancing on Ephinea?? (No Answer.....) "...GOOD~!!" *Continues examining you playfully!* Aaaaand Yet another Old Guard Cuber has fallen victim to the Topless Sirens song of Nostalgia and washes up upon our little tribes shore! You, like most young players back then.. remember and have somehow been smitten with a game that others with modern eyes would've prolly not look twice at! What was it that captured your interest? What brought you back dear? What made PSO stick out from all the other games you were prolly exposed to? That aside...As others have stated...a Dreamcast purchase would prolly only paint you in a corner with liited amounts of joy. Yes, PSO started on a Dreamcast...but PSOBB is far moar 'enjoyable'! You're gonna LOVE it here! Mew promises! With that said....Welcome Home! =3

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