TeamLog Addon Beta Release v0.1.0 by rtti


Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce the release of Teamlog, a PSO addon that displays the teamchat without you having the press F9. It runs and looks very much like Chatlog, except it works specifically for your team chat.

It's all open source here:

There is a README markdown as well (installation is super simple, no different than other Lua addons).

Please let me know if there are any bugs, or optionally any feature requests~! Happy to look into them. I'm aiming to get a v1.0.0 release and merge to master once I get some feedback from users.

Shoutout and thanks to Ender, fuzziqersoftware, and Googlobonker for making this tool a reality!

Future work: we are looking into a fully unified chat addon which combines all of local chats, simple mail, and team chat (with color coding and stamping).

Pic of tool in action included:
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Feature request: output chat log to discord via bot, with “x person is online/offline” notification, if possible have options to include current lobby/ship
Ohh that might be possible but will require discord integration, but also external log writing (which only simple mail log addon does at the moment). I'll look into it for the unified chat log in the next project!
Damn rtti nice job and thanks for this addon! You're a true Chad, the pfp suits you :D