1. rtti

    TeamLog Addon Beta Release v0.2.0 by rtti - Now in Color!

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to announce the release of Teamlog, a PSO addon that displays the teamchat without you having the press F9. It runs and looks very much like Chatlog, except it works specifically for your team chat. It's all open source here...
  2. X

    Drop Radar Addon

    Introducing another quality of life addon, which brings a couple enhancements over the mapitem.txt minimap configuration file. What this does is provide directional indication of where desirable drops are located with respect to the direction your character is facing. Very similar to the Item...
  3. FPS_Counter


    FPS_Counter Addon
  4. Phantasy Star Online - Soul Calibur crossover - YouTube

    Phantasy Star Online - Soul Calibur crossover - YouTube

    PSOBB addon to play "The Legend Will Never Die" sound clip when enemies are defeated with a Soul Calibur equipped. Easily the dumbest thing I've ever made.
  5. SpikeEscape

    PSO addon for first person mode, it exists and I want to find it.

    Hello all, been playing this game on and off for something around 12 years, I was going through the PSO subreddit and found this post: In this he includes a photo at the end of using a handgun in first person similar to in PSO2...
  6. Hbr+


  7. Meseta Gains and Losses - Alternate Animation

    Meseta Gains and Losses - Alternate Animation

    Testing the optional "Slide Animation" for the Meseta Count addon.
  8. Meseta Gains and Losses

    Meseta Gains and Losses

    Testing the gains and losses display for the Meseta Count addon

    Aggrebee's Guide on How To Install The PSOBB Character Reader Addon For Silly Bees

    PSO players nowadays can see the stats and special attacks of weapons without even picking them up and tekking them. They can remotely look in what's in their bank while in the middle of fighting a boss if they so desire. They can check their inventory without having to even open up the menu...