Team Steel Hearts


Hi guys, just wanted to post up my team. We're only 2 members strong right now but I think I'm ready to start accepting randoms. We're goal oriented in this team. That means hunting rares, unlocking team privileges, helping eachother out through hunts and building a team community, and most of all have fun. Steel hearts is a crossover team from other games I played including spiral knights and FFXIV. I'm looking to recruit strong players or goal driven players who want to advance in this game. There's a few things we're looking for when recruiting and a basic couple rules.

-Have at least a basic understanding of the game
-Willing to play with team members (not neccesarily at the drop of a hat, you wont be criticized for not wanting to)
-No troll accounts whether forum or ingame (You will be reported)
-Be kind and courteous to your teammates and other players.
-Do not start drama, I want this team to last.
-Respect peoples item drop calls, we observe a call system in this team and you will be ejected if you violate it. This includes stealing peoples banners if personalized banners become a thing later. Just dont do it.
-We observe all forum and game rules as well.

I'm not too super serious but I just want real players willing to play PSO.

Right now the team is sitting at over 700 team points or so and still actively growing. As you would imagine though it's slow going with only 2 people, thats one reason why we want more people. Our only 2 goals for unlocking are as follows.
1st: POD
2nd:Dressing room

Anything else we can decide on as a group (since the prices are stupid in the first place lol)

Our current available ID's to hunt with are.

Colette(redria:ult ready)
Nikki(Skyly:ult ready)
Aetha(purplenum: vh mode)

Heartland(greenil:ult eps 1 ready)
Silent way(redria:vhmode ready)

I might also consider a team bank as well in the future when we're more well off as a whole.

If you're looking to join simply leave a reply here, with your ingamename, or find one of the names listed above in game. If no one answers you ingame leave a reply here that you're looking for a leader to invite you.