Team PSV[HC]


Time Attack
Just for fun uhmmm I am experienced PSO player and I come from Ultima I suppose just let me know if you wanna join it's whatever :cool: Cheers! :)
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Trinity said:
diemildefreude said:
Gahahaha. I wrote in my team's Schthack thread that this was our second choice for a team name. Look for the footnote at the bottom of the first post: ... fa5c5d87af

Good luck with the team!

Thanks mate, lol I really only made it cause I saw yours and I was like yeah I really hate DMC so :lol:

Seriously? Or are you teasing me? :lol: If you hate DMC, you shouldn't call your team that.


Oh good to see you made it over too Shade looking forward to playing with you again. Hopefully your brother will/did join in as well.