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Discussion in 'Teams' started by Damin, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm a new player on the server that isn't quite so new to the game as a whole. I played offline GC and am relatively unfamiliar with online PSO, along with lategame since it was a terrible grind to even get through hard mode solo, especially that long ago.
    Anyways, I'm working on making my character more support than anything, as a Fonewm. I'm level 26 as of right now, and I don't have an extravagant amount of time to put toward the game with a (barely) full-time job, but I can guarantee at least two days a week to put to really playing!
    What I'm looking for in a team? Aside from one that'd have me to begin with, I'd love to be able to coordinate and play with some in-game friends; people who'd be willing to help me learn the mechanics I don't know. Not so much some power-level buddies, though the occasional TTF is nice!
    I'm in the Ephinea Discord server (Discord is my preferred mode of contact!). You can add me n' message me and all that at Damin#3518

    Edit: Joined up with Pioneers! Their mindset, of helping players who have played earlier versions of PSO and are new to online, is just what I was looking for. Thanks for the responses!
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    Tropical! <3
    Mew mew may have seen you a few times in lobby! Next time she spots you...she'll try to assimewlate u in! =3 Welcome Home!
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    Nor Cal
    I totally sympathize, join us in Monolith!
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