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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Rune, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Rune

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    So I know a few people on this site must like these games I guess. Figured I'd make a topic.

    Its been a while since I played the series but due to Steam having a sale recently I picked up Tales of Symphonia (last played it on GC) and their newest one I guess Tales of Berseria (1st one in 10 + years so figured why not see the modern take on the series again?). I do remember liking ToS when it came out in 2004 for me but I didn't really play much of the series beyond it for whatever reason.

    When I 1st played ToS my brothers made fun of it for it copying a large chunk of Final Fantasy 10's story idea in their minds (and also for other things about it). Replaying it again I sort of just put it down as meh I might get into it again.

    However I do have to say I have enjoyed ToB so far overall.
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  2. Jyuki

    Jyuki Prima Undine

    Finished Tales of Berseria when it came out and totally loved it! I still have to pick it up again and do the New Game+ as I missed some big contents. But I keep that for later to savor it again.

    I've also finished Tales of Zestiria (100% this time). These two are the only Tales I finished, actually.

    I picked ToS while it was on sale but haven't started it yet. But, I've watched the 6 OVAs which are true to the game's story so, I don't get the urge to play the game as I already know the story.

    I also have Tales of the Abyss on PS2 (modded version with japanese dubs) but haven't started yet, too.
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  3. Liberalce

    Liberalce too much of a good waifu is wonderful

    ToP and ToS have aged very poorly
    its a shame about xillia 2's setting and it being the sequel to xillia as the battle system was great provided you knew what you were doing (which most people didnt). probably 90% of the people who played it had no clue about the weakness system and just randomly attacked to victory.
    abyss and vesperia are probably the best despite abyss having a lot of backtracking and dragging a lot and vesperia having a completely retarded story after some point, but I still havent played berseria.
  4. Kelthas

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    Try Tales of Vesperia. One of the best "Tales of" in my opinion.
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  5. Seth

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    I picked up ToS and ToS: DotNW along w/Xillia 1&2 sometime last year when PSN had them on sale. I finished both the ToS games and enjoyed them a lot. Although DotNW was totally different it was still enjoyable, plus it was nice to see characters return from the first game. Oh and the pokemon-esque monster collecting was kinda fun too. xD

    I never did get to Xillia 1&2, probably because other games and work got in the way and it got pushed down on my never ending backlog of games. Definitely want to start playing them sometime this year though. #lifegoal

    I heard good things about Berseria and Zestiria, so I'll totally be picking those up when I have spare cash.
  6. Mayn

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  7. Bonesy

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    Arid Zone
    hahaha hoo doggy don't even get me started

    ToP PSX is great, waiting warmly for the ToDR translation (i think rebirth's never coming out at this rate), I don't care for Abyss and find Legendia to be the better ps2 offering, symphonia is my favorite older-school tales game, i really liked xillia 1 and 2 but don't have them anymore sadly, graces f is great, i have no interest in berseria or zestiria, and I'm in the throes of replaying Graces F lately.

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