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Gotta eat 'em all!
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I'd like to collect all present wrapping papers during christmas. For people who don't know about wrapping papers and how to obtain them, here is a guide:
http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?o ... artid=2385
You get one per account from this quest! (randomly generated from your GC number)
And yes, I could create like 10 accounts and get them myself but this would only be a solution for me in the last few days of christmas event.

If you have all wrapping papers you can donate presents with all kinds of wrapping and get a random mag cell for it. This is all done in the pioneer christmas quest which is currently available in Episode 2 ONE PERSON(!) mode. You can register wrapping papers in gallon's shop quest to make them available there. Unfortunately you can not register those random present drops that are currently available.

So far I have:
Blue with orange ribbon


I have Vermillion (at least I guess it's that):

Still need every other color.


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