Story writing


The Empress
Have any of you thought of writing a story? What genre is your story? In what time period does it take; past, present or futuristic world? Is your story long or short? Did you go to a writing class that helps facilitate this skill in you?

If you answered no to the first question... what would be your genre? Would it take place in the past, present or futuristic world? Would it be long or short? Would you consider this story writing to be important and want to fulfill it one day? Would you take classes to learn and sharpen up your writing skills?

As for meeeee, YES I AM working on my story writing! It's been a little over a year now that I've been working on it. It is hard but as days go by, more and more ideas just keep popping up in my head.


Garbage Human
Thought of? Yes. Actually written, no.

God Machine. Several different scientific disciplines come together to make a government project for the sake of embezzlement. No one actually expects the project to succeed, so they could continue to continue to get government grants for several decades to come while everyone cashes in.

To everyone's dismay the collective lack of effort of everyone pretending to work produces results, a machine that is able to force the outcome of quantum unpredictability to a single user. As a test, they put a comatose patient inside the machine. The machine lets out a long low grown and a field surrounds the machine. Immediately everyone springs to turn off the power as they crack the containment door off and the body of the comatose patient is expelled across the room.

The research facility is closed off except for a half a dozen of the top research members and funding has all but terminated. As the days of the facility wind down, out of pure morbid curiosity they put a dog into the machine. The door closes behind the dog and to the scientists amazement nothing happens to the dog as it sniff around the inside of the chamber.

The display screens inside the facility slowly at first, but faster after a minute all change to the breaking news of doggie biscuits raining down over India. Quickly realizing their folly the scientist release the dog from the machine's chamber, who raises a leg to pee in the interior before calmly trotting out.

Once news has gotten out about the government project, the world is up in protest that such a machine should not exists. Everyone involved in the project is publicly executed by firing squad. But that didn't stop the information from getting out for the paper's written prior to the machine's public disclosure. Every country in the world was working on a machine that could guarantee victory even against a nuclear attack.

It's decided that no one country should hold this power to themselves. The United Nations elects to build thirteen machines and launched into orbit. Each one would include a distinguished politician, religious leader or academic to become apostles who would look over the development of humanity.