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So...I was playing the other day, and assuming I had just messed with the wrong files, my text on rare weapons became lowercase like normal items in my inventory. I thought maybe this was client side, but then I saw the picture album and noticed everyone else has it too. Does anyone like the all caps design of rare weapon font? I personally really like it and would like to know how to get it back.

This is from the Gamecube/Xbox version, but the point still stands.


It was changed in one of the latest updates of Ephinea by Sodaboy, I don't really know his reasons to make such change but I think he wanted to localize the names in a more "proper english" way rather than everything in full caps such as SILENCE CLAW.

Is not possible to revert the names back to the old school FULL CAPS style because the patch server will automaticly update your game files which contain the weapon names to the current non-caps ones.


As I replied in the QQ/QA thread.
You can replace it, but you have to do it every time you start the game (after the patch), also you have to keep your "all caps unitxt" updated in case entries are added to the server file.

And well.. this all caps stuff is only with "rares" to identify them as one (afaik), cuz of that I like it that way. But not that it breaks the game in any way (except for the whole "vanilla" stuff).
For me personally, It helped differentiate in the quick switch menu between Yellow letter normal items like Hell Laser, Demons Diska etc. The odd time i'll quick switch to the wrong weapon, but not really a big deal. Would just be nice to be able to have it an option and not forced.

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IIRC Soda had to put it on the patch server to fix a bug with the old text file that's included with the client. He will probably stop forcing it once the client download is updated with the fixed unitxt.


Thanks for the update everyone. I know that on Ultima's launcher, there was an option for text that said "custom", where you could have customized unitxt that could apply without the server patching over it every time you start.

Something optional like that would be nice. I agree that it gets confusing with yellow name normal rates.


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What happens if you use Windows file permissions to deny write/delete access to the relevant files? Does PSO still let you log in? Or does the game crash?

(It's what I do with League of Legends to keep it from detecting my sound mods - I had to delete the entire HUD soundbank when they updated the HUD because they made it annoying as fuck)


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I will remove the file from the patch server on 9/17/2015 but not before then.

Deal with it in the mean time.
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