Sort of quick question about Mag evolutions


Alright, this isn't really going to be a quick question. But I'm going to try and keep it that was as best as possible.

Okay, so from my understanding, the mag evolution in PSOBB isn't exactly the same as PSOE1&2 (and if it is, call me out on it and that can answer 50% of this entire thread). One of the pieces of evidence that lead me to believe this was this chart found on PSOW ... artid=1240 that said that my DEVA mag I'm raising should have evolved into Varaha at level 50 if held by a HU-A type, given the stats. And it evolved into Ila instead, as stated in THIS chart I found on PSOW which leads me to believe that this chart is for PSOBB ... artid=2318 (again, please call me out on stuff that might be right in front of my face that I was too sick to notice beforehand).

Good, that's one half. Now the other half. Okay, so on PSOE1&2 I raised a 15/0/0/185 Mag thanks to one of my friends who told me to feed my mag x of this while on y character (unfortunately I don't 100% remember the chart). And I was planning on replicating that this time around on PSOBB. But something struck me as odd when I was planning everything out last night. The chart I linked her ... artid=2318 has a pretty little section that I was looking at for my non-mag-cell max mind mag. And it was this part And I thought to myself "Sweet! EZPZ gonna get that max-ish mind mag again." And since I'm clearly a slow thinker sometimes, it hit me 5 minutes later that I thought, "Wait, M will clearly be greater than P and X, but what about the other part of the equation? Both P and X will = 0 and there's two different evolution paths depending on if P is higher or X is higher. So how does..." and that's where my story ends and now we're here. Basically for the max-ish mind mag, how does the game determine which mag it will evolve into? Example, max stats are 15/0/0/34 at level 49 (bs mag stats for example) and then at level 50 I give it to a Hunter-A type, does it evolve into Kabanda or Ushasu? Since Power and Dex both = 0 then how will the game know which one I want?

So that was way longer than I intended, and there was a bit of unnecessary banter in there that could have cut this down to one paragraph, but I hope I got my point across. Again, I'm really sorry if this is either in the wrong place on the forum, if I'm dumb and missed something in front of my face, or if I spent waaaayyy too much time writing this when I could have mad it shorter. But I'm really really sick atm, so my brain is processing stuff differently than normal.

Cheers, friends! Thanks in advance for any and all help/criticism, pertaining to how I construct my long as all get out questions. :lol: :lol:


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I'm like 95% sure PSOBB uses the same tables as GC.
In regards to your first link, I find it a little ambiguous in terms of what stats you need for each mag. I find this chart MUCH easier to read: ... artid=2452

As for your second question someone else who knows more will be able to tell you for sure, but i think the pow > dex evolution takes priority over the dex > pow when pow and dex are both 0.


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Mad said:
If several evolution conditions for a third evolution mag apply, which will be used?

Example: A Vayu can become a Bana (Mind > Pow > Dex) or a Soma (Mind > Dex > Pow) if fed by a B-HUNTER. What if both Pow and Dex are 0?

I used this guide: ... artid=1036

qwerty pointed out that this guide is wrong:

qwerty said:

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Here are the mag feeding charts for Ephinea:



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For the first question, the chart you believed to be wrong actually has the same information as the other one, just that you read it the wrong way (it is a bit not intuitive).

The way it works, the "DEX" label to the left of Varaha actually refers to the second highest stat of the mag; its highest stat is the "POW" label to the left of Rudra (second evolution).

So it reads POW > DEX > MIND in that case. Similarly, Ila would read DEX (left of Marutah) > POW (left of Ila) > MIND (unlisted, as we know it must be the lowest).


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