Sooo...TV/monitor brand recommendations?


I don't even think I wanna repair this piece of crap that fried of me to be quite honest, I'm just goin to wait and get something better. So does anyone have brand recommendations? I'm pretty sure people will say LG and Sony so they're already on my list, but anything else?


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Depends on your budget, what you'll be using it for, desired size, TN(less input lag, picture quality is lower than IPS) or IPS (crisper PQ with more input lag) panel, and what resolution. Also depends on if you'll be using adaptive sync, be it Nvidia's GSync or AMD's FreeSync.

For a larger screen monitor @ 1080p, a nice 27" non adaptive sync and gaming, nothing has beaten the Asus VQ278Q-P. Response time and input response (very important) is among the lowest for its size and price. I bought a couple back when they were on sale ($180 !!!!) and i was building a dedicated sim racing rig but ended up trashing the project because PCars ended up being a shit game.

Ended up selling one off and kept one for my game room. Works pretty great for Dreamcast + modded VGA box because of the VGA input, also has a Displayport, and 2x HDMI input. Be warned, the built in speakers and built in dac are absolute shit though, but no one thats seriously into gaming uses the monitor speakers or built in headphone input anyway.

I recently sold off my RMA'd Titan (old 2013 6GB version) and went to the AMD side. Picked up a 27" FreeSync 1440p Asus monitor and i love it.

For anything 23" and under you can't really go wrong as long as it's an established brand with decent warranty. Don't forget to look up input lag times if you're going to be gaming.

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When mew first started on Schthack 8+years ago, she decided she needed something she could enjoy while playing in bed...(can hear giggling!) XD! So she ended up getting a 32" Sylvania HDMI LCD TV/Monitor JUST for PSO. It not only did LASTED. Then mew saw how crisp the LED monitors were and was like Ooooooo...That'd be Purrfect for PSOing! Sure enuff Walmart had a 32" LED HDMI TV/Monitor cheapie Emerson brand for only $160. Couldnt pass it up! Pride and passion tells mew she Should have gotten the 32" Sony one next to it for $30 more lol. HTH! <3!


Derp, yeah I shoulda mentioned I'm not going below 32". I got too used to a decent sized TV, anything below that would be a downgrade. Thanks for suggestions though everyone. And Mew, I'd definitely favor something that lasts so I'll keep that in mind.


Lolz the one that burnt out was a vizio, I think ima try and stay away from their stuff. Especially reading reviews now on their products, which I shoulda done in the first place. :S

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Monitor just by an LG. Monitors will cost an arm and a leg for a 34" though. If you're buying a tv for dual purpose wii u and computer:
LG makes the best IPS panels hands down. so look at: Samsung, LG, Philips, Vizio(newer), panasonic, toshiba, Hitachi, sony. They all suckle off of LG panels, and by that I mean they legit just buy them from LG.


I might actually go with Samsung tbh, they've been very good in the past. It depends on if they're more or less expensive than LG themselves though. I'd go Sony but I've been told a few times from friends that work at bestbuy that if you're gonna buy Sony you gotta pay premium or you're gonna get junk, but the higher you pay the better that lasting ability it has.