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Hey everyone!

When SCHT forums went down, a lot of info and utilities went with it. I have long since misplaced any of my mag utilities so I hunted for a mag timer on the net. Sodaware has a web timer, but 3 minutes is too short for this server. With a little help, I reverse engineered it and modified the timer to 3:30.

Hopefully this will fill that void until some of the old apps will resurface.

Download the uploaded .zip and extract anywhere you please. Then, just open the .html in any browser and enjoy.

Note: You can change the alarm sound by changing replacing bell.ogg with any .ogg of your choosing and saving it as bell.ogg in the folder!


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My apologies.

I've removed the dependency on sodaware website, it'll now work straight from the folder. You can also change the alarm by dropping in any .ogg file into the folder and renaming it bell.ogg


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Well if you don't mind. I ripped off this from a website lol all links and stuff are still there tho, but I modified a bit the CSS.
Is a single file with JS/CSS inside the html, set to put the clock at 3 30 as you did, but you can change the timer, the only external file is the wav


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this is the oldschool standalone magtimer I remember downloading from psoworld downloads section before that got borked.

forgive me if this is what you guys have already uploaded.


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Not at all, both other files are html pages, which I would use instead of an exe, tbh.