Small drop table changes


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Hello Hunters!

Santa brought an early present for the entire server this Christmas event: some drop table changes! Because this is not an overhaul or rework, no immediate /modsecid uses have been given. And of course, you'll still have your /modsecid use 3 months after your character's last change.

Episode 1
Oran Gran Sorcerer: Sorcerer's Right Arm -> Book of Hitogata (1/28807)
Yellowboze Delsaber: Swordsman Lore -> Delsaber's Left Arm (1/455)

Episode 2
Oran Gran Sorcerer: Book of Hitogata -> Guren (1/1260)

Episode 4:
Greenill Zu: Justy-23ST -> V101 (1/2048)
Bluefull Merissa A: Yata Mirrior -> Vjaya (1/210)
Purplenum Boota: M&A60 Vise -> Divine Protection (1/1241)
Purplenum Ze Boota: Divine Protection-> M&A60 Vise (1/168)
Purplenum Merissa A: L&K14 Combat -> M&A60 Vise (1/210)
Purplenum Kondrieu: Heaven Striker drop buffed (1/10.67 -> 1/8)
Oran Kondrieu: Lame d'Argent drop buffed (1/10.67 -> 1/8)
Yellowboze Girtablulu: Kamui -> Swordsman Lore (1/393)
Yellowboze Kondrieu: Centurion/Ability -> Daylight Scar (1/8)

These adjustments are subject to change if we think they introduce some balance issues.

Thank you for playing on Ephinea and we hope you're enjoying the Christmas event!


Curse Breaker
Nice. Greennill sucks so much less now compared to Redria on Ep4. Thank you!