Skin for Ephinea's Launcher


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Didn't know it was possible to skin the online.exe with 2 files.

I tested it for kicks, but nothing seemed to change.

I'm not like one of those people who doesn't know where to place a file. There actually wasn't two existing BMP files named lbk.bmp or litems.bmp in the data folder, nor do they exist in the GSL. But, yeah, nothing happened when popping those files in the data folder and running online.exe

Looks the same as it ever did.


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Eh sorry i forgot to mention i'm using tofuman's Generic PSOBB Widescreen Launcher :mrgreen:

tofuman said:
When first run the launcher will check for 3 files. 2 files for the skin and 1 for config. If the 2 skin files do not exist it will extract the stock PSOBB Launcher skin into the data folder. These 2 files will be named lbk.bmp and litems.bmp. You can edit these if you feel like skinning the launcher.