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I completed all the forest quests, and no new quests are opening up. Central Dome Fire Swirl is the only quest available and it's repeatable. I played through the forest and killed the Dragon to see if that was the problem because you had to do that on dreamcast and gamecube offline. It didn't help though. Is there something else I'm suppose to do or is this a bug for me? This is on VH, I haven't done any quests in any other difficulties.


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This is not a bug. In addition, this is already on the FAQ, but Blue Burst behaves differently than the previous PSO games. You also have to complete the multiplayer Government quests.

Q. Where are all the "One Person" quests?

A. To open up more Single Player or "One Person" quests, you actually have to complete the Government Quests Momoka and Elly give you.

For example, if you don't do any of them in Episode I, you'll never see quests like "The Value of Money", "The Lost Bride", "Secret Delivery" and so on.

The more you progress with doing both Government quests and the Single Player quests, the more quests will become available for you to play.

You can only do Single Player quests one time per difficulty, at first, but once you do ALL of them in a particular difficulty, they will all unlock for you to play in that difficulty repeatedly.

Progress in quests is saved on a per difficulty basis. Unlocking or beating quests in Normal does not affect Hard mode and so on.
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