Shout out for Quela-chan! =3

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That Others May Live!
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A little overdue shout out for Quela here on our Happy Home of a server! Without whom, mew wouldn't be half the Happy helpful soul she is! For the past few weeks Quela-chan has been helping mew help the new players wiff mag money FUNdage and support. THANK YOU Quela-chaaaan! Mew thanks you and the new ppl thank you!! <3 <3 <3

We should prolly start a little Shout out section for other ppl who've really help make an imprint on our little tribe.... Sophies, NDW-kun, Matt Matt, Aizen-kun, Nandos-kun, Dai Dai-chan, Shichies.... Ack....too many more to list to list, but you know who you loved ones are! =')
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