Shop Scaling Issue ?


I note that shop scaling seems off.

Currently on a lvl 40 Ra in Hard difficulty the weapons look about right, pink for the most part and the occasional Lockgun appearing.

Item shop seems ok even though monomates vanishing from the selection seems a bit odd.

The armor/barrier/unit shop is wrong. No armor is wearable, barriers seem to be ok for my level, the occasional higher 1 or two. Basically this shop skipped the level 30 to 40 armors entirely and picked up at 43 absorb armor and up from there. So no Kings ever, for example. Units seem ok, nothing exceptional.

I don't know if this is a bug or just an oddity.


Staff member
Yeah, the shop code could use tweaking. I am not exactly sure how items got picked on GC and BB. I know there is the random rel files for the shop, but I don't know their format or anything like that. So I came up with my own routine for generating the shop. I'll have a look at it again sometime.


Hi there. Thanks for looking at it. To clarify : I did not post based on one occurence but played on and have been to and from the ship via pipe many times from lvl 40 - 46 and the same thing is trtrue just to the armor. This is in normal mode not one person or anything else.

I am buying ahead anyway when some slotted ones show up so it is not a big problem for me.