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    So, I'm a little conflicted. Earlier in the Shoutbox I was saying how a cool idea would be to have a HUD similar to those seen in the KH games, I mentioned it there and it seemed people really liked the idea, but there now exists the problem of not being talented enough to actually make it happen.
    (Me mentioning the idea)

    I'm sure people would love to use a HUD like that, but I don't have the talent nor time to make something like this, which is why I'd like to ask if there is anyone experienced in skinning who could help make the HUD or at least point me in the right direction to make it myself, albeit with varying amounts of quality.
    Thank you for reading this, and I hope this idea can become reality.
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    It's a lot more work and time than you seems to think, unless it was a simple recolor sadly i don't think (although i could be wrong) someone will make that for you. If i learned one thing in modding, it's that if you want things done right, you've got to do it yourself.
    If you are motivated enough tho here's a quick guideline:

    -get Photoshop or Gimp
    -get DDS plugin (PSO textures are in DDS format)
    -Download Texture Manager or VMT
    -Open EphineaPSO/data/f256-hyouji.prs, export the textures, load them in photoshop. Start from here.
    -google image for reference : Also there's a lot of KH2 HUD on DeviantArt, maybe you can ask permission to use them. Most of them just ask for credits in order to use.
    -You'll have to adapt it to PSO's HUD, you won't be able to reproduce it 100% (ex: PB gauge filling is hardcoded and will always stay round).
    -Generate mip maps, export with the right alpha layer (1bit Alpha for opaque HUDs/Explicit Alpha for transparent HUDs), and re-import in Texture Manager.

    Good luck.
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