Server Sync Issues

Ok, i have not had any trouble with this up until today. i had two inventory sync errors while in EP2 normal doing gallon's shop. Both times i switched blocks as directed, i think i may have lost a PD in the process, then i was in ruins 1 on normal, went to feed mag and was notified mag feed failed then was DC'd due to too many sync errors. i logged all the way out and then back in, everything seemed fine, i sold some stuff in the shop, then went too forest 1 on very hard. went to pick up item drop and was told my inventory was full, even though my client only showed 15 items in my bag.

Am i the only one having sync issues? need anymore info on this bug? im logging out of the game for the night, just thought id bring it up.


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Its been around for years. It usually happens when spamming items to fast. (picking up lots, into bank/shop Etc)


I dunno if you did or not, but whenever I have sync issues they usually don't go away until I completely close and re-open PSO - logging out and in tends to not fix it for me.