Server maintenance completed for May 28th, 2024 (サーバメンテナンス完了 5/28)


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Server maintenance has been completed and the following changes were made to the game:

- Fixed the problem with units inserted into armor from sometimes shuffling their positions around from what you originally set them as from the "Equip" menu.
- Buffed the chance to get a good grind and photon attribute bonus from all tekkers.
- Redria's tekker now has a preference for Sabers and Canes.
- Yellowboze's tekker now has a preference for Handguns and Rods.
- Backend changes to make it easier for staff to change some of the item announcement parameters.

So, with this maintenance, I'd like to explain the changes. For years, the tekking bonus was the same across all classes with some random thing I threw together. I never really liked the code of it and when I saw that the correct parameters were figured out for how tekking works with PSO, I decided I wanted to implement them properly.

I probably should have communicated that this type of change was coming instead of just yanking the rug from beneath the players and I apologize for that. Seeing how things were supposed to work, the values I had were a bit absurd. Basically it was 55.5% chance for +10 and 11.1% chance for anything else for photons. The specials were a flat 1/3 chance. There was no sort of section ID variation as there is supposed to be.

I took away the ease of tekking without giving anything in return and, thus, today's changes will be the give to that take.

The tekking chances for receiving +10 for photon attribute boosts have been tripled and the chances for receiving +5 have been increased by 50%.

In regards to grind bonus, a similar story. Triple chance to get the +3, increase of 50% to get the +2. Special chance has not been changed.

Previously with Ephinea's old tekking system, even things like Sabers, Canes, Handguns and Rods were able to have a great chance to be boosted, but that was no longer the case after the change. Assigning them to Redria and Yellowboze, which have no assignment in vanilla PSO, should correct this.

@Ryan has already updated the wiki page for tekking with the new numbers.

I hope this makes some of you feel better about the overall change.

I know there was also a suggestion of adding a new selection for best tek for 10,000 meseta. I can't promise that will happen but we hope that this particular change today is better received.

As always, thank you for playing on Ephinea!

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- 鎧に挿したユニットが、装備メニューで設定した位置から勝手にシャッフルされてしまう問題を修正しました。
- すべての鑑定士について、付加値とフォトン属性のボーナスを得る確率を上方修正しました。
- REDRIAの鑑定士がセイバー系とケイン系を得意とするようになりました。
- YELLOWBOZEの鑑定士がハンドガン系とロッド系を得意とするようになりました。
- バックエンドの仕様変更で、スタッフがアイテムバナーの告知パラメータを変更しやすくしました。










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I've harped on enough in the Discord about grr tekking bad so I won't bother with that here. Just posting to say the statement and receptiveness to feedback are greatly appreciated! I can appreciate "wow this system sucked and wasn't anything like real pso let's do that instead" at its core.

More importantly you've appealed to the obsessive organizers with the unit position change and isn't that all what we really do it for? The obsessive organizers?

Love Ephinea