Server maintenance completed for July 2nd, 2022. (サーバメンテナンス完了のお知らせ)


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Server maintenance has completed.

The Hunter's Boost Road was changed to
  • Mop-up Operation #3
  • The East Tower
  • Sweep-up Operation #8
  • New Mop-up Operation #5
  • Sweep-up Operation #12
The Sweep-up series of quests have been translated to Japanese.

A new launcher (online.exe) was uploaded. Your client will download this launcher through the internal patch server when connecting ingame. Players can create and customize a file named "" to modify any strings used by the launcher. This file must be unicode.

A new version of ephinea.dll was released.
  • This DLL changes all weapon skins to use the sound effects of the skin by default. You can disable this setting in the options of the new launcher to maintain the sound effect of the base weapon.
  • If you use a custom texturejapanese.xvm file for modifications to your HUD (specifically for the HUD numbers or characters in the HUD menu), you can put this file into your EphineaPSO\data\ephinea\custom folder and the client will load this file instead of the one in EphineaPSO\data. The launcher will not overwrite the custom location. This can be useful for players who wish to keep their launcher set to English or Japanese for the default unitxt files.
  • The DLL also has many other changes to support the next set of weapon skins coming soon.
  • Classic players no longer see the HBR versions of quests. If a quest is in HBR and has no timer on the normal ships, players loading the quest in Classic will still have timers.
Let us know if you find any issues.

Thank you for playing on Ephinea!

  • 掃討作戦 第三号
  • 東天の塔
  • スイープアップ作戦 #8
  • 新掃討作戦 第五号
  • スイープアップ作戦 #12
■Sweep-up Operationシリーズのクエストが日本語化されました。




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