Server maintenance complete for March 24th, 2019

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  1. Sodaboy

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    Benicia, California
    Maintenance has completed for March 24th, 2019.

    The following changes have been made to the game:

    - New Maximum Attack 4th Stage -R- quests for Episode 1/2/4 added to all ships by @Matt! Please feel free to run and test it. Report any issues here:

    - MA4 Mix has been retired as the Maximum Attack 4 -R- series makes its obsolete.

    - Possibly avoided a crash caused by the DLL during a memory check while bursting.
    - Gave Ba Boota his fast Foie back in Anguish.
    - Gave Dark Falz his faster Megid back in Anguish.
    - Overall enemy technique damage lowered, compared to before, in Anguish.
    - Added some new commands for people who like to Time Attack.

    /starttimer x - Immediately starts a simple timer. "x" is an optional seconds parameter and, if provided, the timer will count down from x seconds to 0 instead of counting up from 0.

    /freezetimer - Freezes the currently displayed timer. Once a timer is frozen, it cannot be unfrozen.

    /killtimer - Destroys the currently displayed timer.

    /revealtimer - Reveals an accidentally hidden timer.

    /registertimer x,y,z - Creates a timer on standby waiting for register y to be set. The timer will automatically freeze once register z has been set. If x is set, the timer will count backwards from x number of seconds to 0.

    /zonetimer x,y,z,r - Immediately starts a timer waiting for room z of floor y to be cleared. If r is set, the timer is created on standby, waiting for register r to be set before counting. If x is set, the timer will count backwards from x number of seconds to 0.

    Example of use for Phantasmal World #4. At the counter, before starting the quest, type /zonetimer 0,17,30,245

    This will create a zone timer that counts up, starting right after the Amulet is received from Natasha. Once the final enemy is defeated, the timer will automatically freeze.

    Parameters passed to this command are 0, to count up, 17 for West Tower, 30 for the final room, 245 for the register set when the Amulet is received.

    If you want times to be better sync'd for everyone in the group, I suggest using a register that is set at the same time on all clients or, better yet, a sync_register register. In PW4, using register 60 would be close enough as that register is set for the player positioning but BEFORE talking to Natasha.

    Not sure which registers, floors and room IDs to use? Pop open the quest in QEdit and either look at the script or tick the "Show room ID" for guidance. In a good number of existing quests that do not have timers, you can look for the OPcode if_zone_clear to see what floor and room ID they check for the final rooms.

    Though, some quests use chk_ene_num, which is currently not supported as an automatic trigger. I'd simply recommend putting a /starttimer and /freezetimer on a keyboard shortcut for that.

    Thank you for playing on Ephinea!
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  2. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    OP updated with after maintenance changes.
  3. Sandra

    Sandra Meghan

    Hi. I came back after 7 years but somehow your name seems very familiar
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  4. Detourist

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    Cause he's the man. Welcome home.
    Very nice addition! He's making PSO infinite, one brick at a time.
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  5. Ade

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    Nice. Thank you Soda! And thanks for the continued back and forth on monster power and balance. The effort does not go unnoticed!
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  6. 500john

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    I got this notification after the patch. 11.jpg
    Game starts but bgm and sfx launch as defualt.
    Loading stops till Char choice. No errors or notifications, just endless loading.

    My OS - Win XP SP3
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  7. Aleron Ives

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    GetTickCount64 requires Windows Vista or newer. XP reportedly supports GetTickCount, but it provides a shorter integer to work with.
  8. Sodaboy

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    Benicia, California
    I really can't believe there are people still going online with Windows XP these days. That's dangerous, son.

    Anyway, I patched the DLL to be XP compatible. So, anyone on Windows XP, just nab the new version from online.exe. I also had to add an overflow check since XP's GetTickCount can overflow every 49 days or so.

    Should be good to go now, I think, but I didn't test it since I'm at work. Pretty sure it should be fine, though. *crosses fingers and toes*
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  9. 500john

    500john Member

    Thanks a lot! It works fine now.
  10. Harborer of Hope

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    Tropical! <3
    Someone had asked mew if Some weapon restrictions/combo locks could be lifted JUST for Anguish levels? Albeit, Dark Meteor is weaker than charge arms is kinda ...meh.... Was asked to bring the idea to light...prolly not a Great idea...but an idea none the less =3. Thanks~!
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