Server maintenance at 08:00 UTC on 2/12/2016


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At 08:00 UTC, the server was updated.

The following changes were made:

- All music disks can now drop from monsters at a 0.5% chance. (Get ready for "Open Your Heart", "Live & Learn", and "Heart to Heart" YEAH!)
- Music disks can now be stacked up to 99.
- Hardcore players can now join Normal games, but Normal players still cannot join Hardcore games. The restriction is still in place because when a Hardcore game is created, rare monster appearance rate is doubled along with Meseta drops in the game. I could remove the Meseta boost but rare monsters are determined the moment the game is created and cannot be rolled again when a Normal person joins.
- Normal players will still be unable to trade with Hardcore players.
- Quest rewards for Prospective Horizons and Random Attack Xrd will now properly be awarded.

The EXE file was updated to version 1.1.1. Please be sure to run the game from online.exe to properly update before and after patching. (You may also need to launch as an Administrator.)

Thank you!
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more people to play with :)