Server/Client update 2/22/2016 09:00 UTC


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At 09:00 UTC, a patch will be applied to the server and client.

- Some changes will be made to make sure the server sends you a message when/if you get disconnected for whatever reason it disconnected you. (It was supposed to before, but sometimes it disconnects too fast for you to get the message.)
- Some changes will be made to the anti-cheat code on the server.
- The Ephinea client executable and launcher will be updated.
- The launcher will feature a different window for configuring options and a new option will appear to toggle IME on or off. (Useful if you want to type in Japanese while playing in English or vice-versa.)
- Fixing a problem with Hardcore mode characters in Challenge mode games making no Scape Dolls drop for EVERYBODY.
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