Script for switching accounts?


Is there a good/easy way to switch accounts without having to manually type the UserID/password?


I Think Soly had something on ultima where you could simply store accounts on a client and easily switch between them.


I don't know anything about Windows, but could it work to use a file that changes the registry?

Looking at the install.reg from Ephinea's client, it might look like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



However, looking at the registry, it seems that the password gets saved/encrypted (?) in HEX or whatever (REG_BINARY). Someone knows how to convert it into the required form?

If that would work, one could have such a registry file per account (double-clicking the correct one before starting the client).


Just open regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SonicTeam\PSOBB right click and export, and keep it somewhere SECURE
Do this after you reach the character selection screen for every account.
Then to change to another account, just double click one of the .reg files that you saved and it will be set to that account.

As Colette said, I made a launcher for Ultima (would work on any server anyway) that will do this automatically, saving up to 5 accounts and you could just simply select the account you want and hit start game.

The issue comes with these many launchers lol, many people use Tofuman's HD launcher (so do I).
I could however make a tiny app to manage these passwords and then launch Tofuman's or the default launcher but that would be be weird, oh well...


falkenjeff said:
tofuman said:
I've been meaning to add account management to my launcher. I'll add it soon
I actually had a question about your widescreen launcher.
What exactly does it do? Like if I have the "hi res HUD" unchecked so I don't use it, does it just do a memory edit to override the screen resolution?
And does it leave all my other options (quality, clip distance, v-sync, etc) from the regular options menu.... Intact?
Just feels strange using things I don't understand.
The HD adds a registry entry (or more dont recall) but only for it's own settings.
It modifies the client memory after it's unpacked, so as you said, if it was done by the registry it probably would have been done long ago xD