S> Chao


Chao 35/90/40/35 Pilla/Estlla/Twins

I hope to trade this mag for a Heart of Chao or Item Ticket and a few PD's or mats, but offer anything. I only want to get rid of it because the PB's are backwards to me and it messes with my muscle memory.

Chao doesn't have many uses due to the need for at least 35 in every stat, but he's so cute!
If you have a RAmarl you could work it out so this is your max stat mag! Here is the layout:

RAmarl @ LV 200
Shield: RED RING
Units: V101, Centurion/Ability
Mag: 35/90/40/35 @ LV 200
Mats: 1 left
- 89 Power
- 36 Def
- 82 Mind
- 29 Evade
- 13 Luck
All stats maxed out