Returning to PSO again


Remember getting this invite to here some years ago on schthack when it went down and we all lost our accounts. Wasn't in the mood to play more PSO due to my old computer not being able to handle it anymore.

But now it finally went down for good and I got a new computer lol. So I'm back in phantasy star. Been messing around for a few weeks now, figure I'd make a forum account again.

Clinton in game still for main FOmar character, characters may make references to old classic pso stuff or other rpgs.

Also I'm still playing Smash Bros if people want to play that with me at some point, know a few of u on here that play it.
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Welcome to Ephinea!

Did that NDW person invite you via PM? I heard he invited over 100 people from Schthack to play on Ephinea. :p

You reminded me that I should finish Phantasy Star: IV sometime. I progressed over halfway into it. I want to experience that final boss fight and Megid with Chaz. :eek:

I play SSBM Netplay from USA East and I have Smash 4 for Wii U. If you want to play sometime, let me know.